Eating Out Kills

I am a 22M and have just realized how badly I’ve been screwing myself eating out every day B/L/D

I’ve know for awhile now that I’d be much better off cooking at home but hadn’t ever really bothered to figure out how much it was costing me. I now realize that I spend more on food a month than I do on rent and I’ve now racked up $2200 in credit card debt that’s just added up a little bit at a time. I used to spend a check on rent and a check paying off the card but my habit has gotten to the point where a paycheck no longer covers it.

I’ve always known eating out was killing me physically. Now that I know that it’s killing me fiscally its been eating at my mind killing me mentally.

I’m at a loss on what to do to kill this habit and stop spending money. I need to get rid of that debt before something bad happens.


I’ve gotten a ton of really good recommendations from you all and I genuinely appreciate the support, kind words, and advise given.

I’ve installed Mint and have set a budget for $100 for eating out for the month. I will be going to the grocery store tonight to pick up: * x1 Gallon of Milk * x1 Box of Raisin Bran Crunch * x1 Carton of Eggs * x1 Package of Cheese sticks * x1 5 piece package of chicken breasts * x5 packages of various veggies * x2 packages of salad mix * x1 form of beef like thing

I’ll post an update in a week or so to let you know how it went. With any luck I’ll save some money and maybe drop some of those fast-food-pounds.

Thanks again!

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