Early 30s. Husband dying. Unsure how to proceed. In Texas

Hello. I’m hoping you guys can help. My 38 year old husband was recently diagnosed with a fatal brain disease. He will be passing away in the next couple of months. I’m also 8 months pregnant so will be delivering soon. I’m at a loss on how to proceed. I have a small life insurance policy for him through my employer (30k) but it took weeks of hospital stays to finally get his diagnosis & there have been many follow up visits as well so we have quite a bit of debt from that. I have a super small amount of savings in our joint checking account (about 3k). I am trying to find out if I will be responsible for all of his medical bills, can they take my car (we only had one, shared), can anyone make claim to the money in our bank account, will I be able to use any of his life insurance policy for his funeral arrangements and what the hell do I do?! I have very little family that has any experience with any of this and since we were in our 30s this was definitely not something we were prepared for. I just want to try and do what I can to get my finances in the best possible shape before baby gets here & before he passes. I don’t want to be in incredible amounts of debt if there is any way around it. Any advice would be immensely appreciated.

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