EA will stop selling FIFA’s in-game currency in Belgium because of a ban on loot boxes

FIFA is the latest casualty of Belgium’s loot box ban, with publisher EA announcing that it will stop selling FIFA points, the game’s in-game currency, in the country as of January 31st.

In FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team mode, players can earn FIFA Points in-game or buy them with a credit or debit card. These points can then be used to purchase packs of players known as FUT packs. The quality of the players inside each pack varies, though as of FIFA 19, EA does now share the odds (or “Pack Probabilities”) of gamers finding each class of player.

When Belgium introduced its loot box ban last year it defined the practice as an “illegal game of chance.” EA was defiant, and said loot boxes were not a form of gambling and that its games were…

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