dying father throwing away medical bills

Throwaway because this is a lot of personal information, but I’m way over my head

My father has terminal cancer. He has weeks to months left- it’s hard to tell. I just found out today that he has been throwing away all his medical bills because he doesn’t see a point in paying them. He has insurance, but they are still in the thousands because of multiple hospital stays. He is 62 and has a pension, but it’s not much. He cannot afford these bills, which is why he’s throwing them away.

He has a small life insurance policy, and no other assets. I know he has a credit card, so I’m assuming there’s debt there too. He gets a pension, but I don’t know how much or where that is going or what they are spending it on. He was behind on all his bills, and I’ve paid three months of back rent plus September ($7,200), the cell phone bill ($315), and the car insurance ($341) as those seem like priority for now, but I don’t have unlimited funds.

Will there be severe repercussions for this? The life insurance is important because we need that for burial expenses. I’ve spent almost 10K in the last week just on these bills, food shopping, basics like sheets and pillows for my dad’s bed, etc. This is most of my savings; I don’t have much left.

Also, I still have two half-siblings who are only 18 and 19. Their mother was an addict who left when they were very young. My father is their sole support. I live about an hour away, and they already said that they do not want to move to my area. After my dad passes, are they eligible for anything? One is in college (lives in the dorms during school year), the other works part-time at a grocery store and just graduated high school- he is not going to college but is considering trade school. They are adults but they are not self-sufficient yet.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place. I’ve never had to deal with this, and nobody that I know in real life knows the answers, and I feel extremely overwhelmed.

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