Dummy Thicc – The Real meaning of it

What is Dummy Thicc?


We’re going to share a real meaning of Dummy Thicc – pronounced “Dummy Tick”.

We are wondering that this word is really wired

And, there are fewer people around known about it.

So, what is “Thicc”?

This is used for women having a big, curvy and sexy body.

Meaning of Dummy Thicc

Thicc is a slang term for a full-figured body, specifically a big butt and curvy waist. It is both used sexually and humorously.

Dummy thicc is the term that is using in social media and massaging platforms.  There is a tag (#dummythicc) in Instagram having 22,657 posts under it.

It is strange that this is a less known term but it is very popular among youngsters.

Here are conversations we found in the medium article these will get you:

John: Renee really got thicc over the winter. She is looking sexy as hell!

Alex: No, dude. She isn’t thicc. She is a dummy thicc ! You are right though, she is looking Sexy!

An online discussion on twitter:

User 1 : (posts a picture of her bottom) Thicc and sexy! #ConfidentWoman

User 2 : No, girl! You aren’t just thicc! You are dummy thicc and fine!

How can I get Dummy Thicc?

Well here is the source of YouTube video that you can do some exercise for Those who want Dummy Thicc.

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