Drowning, and things are not getting better

I’ll start by giving an overview of my situation, but basically I’m out of money and don’t know how I’ll pay the rent in less than 10 days.

So following a divorce, I was left with some big debt, and I am now supporting someone else financially which has prevented me from paying said debt.

I have a job with a pay of about 1500$ every 2 weeks, but I was overpaid for 2 months and they decided to take back the money I owed by not paying me this week. Now, any person will tell me that I should’ve put that money into a savings account. Well I did, until we had some curveballs thrown at us and had no choice but to use it.

The person I am with just started a new job, but it is commissioned based and they get a minimum of 300$ a week. They are not yet at the point where they make a significant amount of commission.

I already have an appointment with my bank for debt consolidation on March 1st, and will be attempting to convert all the debt I have into one loan I can pay off. It would bring my monthly payments down from 1k to 600$. I couldn’t do this before, because I was a temp worker, but I just started a job with a permanent position.

Not getting paid this week was the curveball I was not expecting to come so soon and definitely puts me in an awful situation. That money was supposed to pay for the rent, utilities and food for the next 2 weeks. Now I’m just hoping we have enough food to last until Friday when my partner gets paid.

I can’t borrow money from anyone I know, but I was thinking I could maybe get a 1.5k loan from those quick loan places and then pay it back in less than 2 weeks with the money from debt consolidation.

So basically, what can and should I do to survive the next few weeks?

Update: I just talked to my boss and they definitely should not be taking my pay like this, it is more likely that it is because of the transfer of paperwork that I didn’t get paid. I should qualify for an emergency salary advance, and will be able to pay rent.

Thank you for the support and advice, I was really freaking out this morning, but my work was also really supportive in telling me that it will be okay and that I will get paid.

Update 2: I know I have to pay back the money I owe, I have tried to, but haven’t been able to yet. Also, I will be getting paid, there are measures for situations like the one I am in, I now know that. The reason I didn’t get paid is an error in the system where they blocked my pay from the department I left before I got my last paycheck. I will most likely get the money that is owed in 2 weeks. Again, thank you everyone!

Final update: Thank you again for those who gave me advice, I did and will be taking most of it.

For those who preferred to tell me I was just making bad choices, well you don’t know me, and maybe try not to kick people while they are down in the future.

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