Double check your amazon prime charges

Several months ago I saw a charge on our bank account for $14.13 to amazon. Big deal. Right? My wife probably ordered something small for the house. I didn’t even ask her about it cause I didn’t think twice. Saw the charge a few more times in the next few months and finally I asked her if she had an item on a recurring monthly shipment from amazon. She said no and then I realized how foolish I had been this whole time. It turns out somehow amazon prime had been activated on my old college account and had been charging me for 6 months with no one ordering or even using that account. We actually had prime on my wife’s account so we were essentially paying for 2 accounts of amazon prime.

That’s my fault I should have been a bit more aware of my bank statements and communicated that to my wife. We’re out 100 bucks and my ego is a little hurt but I can get over that and we made the decision to cancel prime altogether on both accounts . Fast forward to this morning.

LO AND BEHOLD THERE IS ANOTHER $14.13 CHARGE ON MY DEBIT CARD. I check with my wife if she ordered anything or perhaps restarted prime and she says no. Now I’m annoyed and pissed off. I log back into my old college account and prime has been miraculously restarted on my account. I deleted all the accounts and cards on the account so this bullshit can’t happen again. And quite honestly I think amazon might be doing that shit on purpose to take money from unsuspecting people cause when I logged into my account it texted my phone a code to login so if someone else had logged in I would’ve received the code on my cell phone.

So do yourself a favor and check your bank statement and see if amazon has been trying to swindle you as well. Maybe the first time I turned prime on on that account and forgot but I sure as hell know I didn’t do it the second time and that has to be fraud.

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