DC Universe’s new Doom Patrol show may not be weird enough to stand out

In the first book of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run, the world is overrun by creatures that can cut their victims out of reality. Doom Patrol leader Niles Caulder (aka “The Chief”) asks Robotman (a human brain in a metal body), “How do you propose to deal with the current crisis?” Robotman replies, “If we had any sense, we’d call Superman.”

They don’t call him, of course, and their team of exceptionally weird superheroes saves the day by confronting the equally bizarre threat. In worlds populated by many superheroes, there’s always a floating question about why more threats aren’t bumped up to the heaviest hitters. But Doom Patrol has a strong answer. When villains have the power to remove people from existence, or attack their sanity,…

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