Divorce: I’m buying our marital home via an FHA loan, and house needs $25k in necessary repairs

So, we are getting a divorce, husband has been out for a year, I pay the mortgage, and I’m working my ass off right now to get an FHA loan in my name, which means I’ll be buying the house from him, since the house is solely in his name.

The house is in dire need of work (exterior paint, interior door replacement, kitchen cabinets are broken, broken bathroom vanities, unworking ceiling fans, floors need to be replaced, broken floor tiles, etc., etc.)

How do we effectively and efficiently cone to an agreement on house price? The house is worth $240k, we owe $170k , and the house needs about $25k-30k (conservatively) in repairs.

Will FHA even approve this house for a mortgage with the repairs it needs?

What is the best way to buy it, but also get extra cash to throw in for repairs?

Any advice appreciated!

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