You can now buy a 13-inch laptop with a six-core processor

Image: Dell

Ahead of IFA 2019 in August, Dell announced a refresh of its XPS 13 laptop with Intel’s 10th Gen Core processors — and now the Intel Core i7 model with six cores is available for purchase starting at $999. With those six cores, you can likely expect to see better performance while multitasking, though apps will need to be optimized to take advantage of the additional processing power.

It’s impressive to see a six-core processor in a laptop of this size. Apple, for example, offers 15-inch MacBook Pros in six- and eight-core variants, but its smaller 13-inch MacBook Pros max out with four-core processors.

The six-core processor seems like it will be a nice upgrade to the previous-generation Dell XPS 13 earlier this year, which had a…

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