How to Choose the Best Design for Your Own Custom Bag

Designing your own bag is a lot easier than you would think. Also, it is a lot of fun to have a bag that is uniquely yours. You can add branding to an already existing bag that is in stock or create one of your own from scratch. There are many new design styles to choose from or you can also come up with your own totally unique design.

Custom Bag

Figure Out the Design You Want

You most definitely want your bag to stand out. Maybe you want to create a bag that will be a conversation starter—or stopper. Whether your bag is going to display a single logo or a more complex design, you want something unique.

Here are a few things you need to think about if your bag is to be a truly stunning work of art.

No Copycats!                                             

You may have come across some inspiring designs on the internet, but if you want to be authentic, avoid simply lifting and sticking them onto your bag. Many people see some catchy phrases on the internet or on someone’s wall, and they decide to put that on their bags.

Such designs and phrases should act as an inspiration. You can borrow the idea and mix it up, or come up with something fresh and begin a new fad.

Keep Your Design Simple

This does not, by any means, indicate that your design should be boring and unimaginative. A simple design allows people to notice and admire your creation without spending time trying to figure it out. Experts such as Rocket Bags can help you come up with a simple design that will suit your personality as well as get your message across.

If you have too much going on with your design, people who see your bag will be confused about what you are trying to communicate. They may not even be able to figure out where you are going with the design. Additionally, if you are using a logo and you make it too busy, it will be hard to focus on it and understand the message.

Colour is Crucial

You must decide if you want the colours you choose to communicate an idea or to simply go with a particular outfit. Depending on why you want to customise your design, be meticulous with your choice of colours.

If you want to communicate certain ideas such as promoting green living or protecting wildlife, then greens and browns, respectively, are good choices. On the other hand, if your bag is strictly for accessorising, you may need to choose colours that can go with many different use cases.


Choosing the design that best suits your personality as well as the message you want to communicate is not difficult if you partner with Rocket Bags. Experienced designers are on hand to help you choose the best designs. Make your design unique and highly visible so that everyone gets to see your creativity.  

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