Credit card limit lowered from $3500 to $100 a week after I paid it off. Why didn’t they just cancel it?

I’ve had debt issues until recently. I sold a house and paid off basically everything. My credit score on the available trackers has risen 49 points in a week without everything even showing up. However, one of my cards had the limit lowered from $3500 to $100, after I paid off the balance (which was near the limit).

I called and they said the letter they sent did indeed mention my credit issues of the past year or so, but why wait until I pay them $3500 and then lower my limit by 97%?

Should I close the card? It’s by far not my oldest is obviously not helping my available credit much. Should I wait 90 days or whatever to make sure my lower DTI is accurately reflected and give them an ultimatum to raise it or I’ll close it? Is there any reason I should leave it alone and do nothing? Thanks for any insight.

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