Country over Party

The 448-page Mueller Report (not “Willie the Weasel” Barr’s fictional four-page summary) clearly outlines 10 cases of Trump’s obstructions of justice including the firing of James Comey, the attempt to fire Robert Mueller, lying about it, withholding and falsifying relevant evidence, and witness tampering.

Trump also encouraged Russia’s interference in our 2016 elections. In his own words, “Russia, if you’re listening …” and “I love WikiLeaks.” To no one’s surprise, he is begging for Putin’s help again in 2020.

These are all impeachable offenses. If these actions were committed by President Obama, the unhinged right would be calling for a “Second Amendment solution” as they have in the recent past when white supremacists (whom Trump thinks are “very fine people”) reared their ugly heads.

Those who truly love America will put our country over party and oppose Trump’s efforts to follow in the footsteps of his heroes and role models, Vladimir Putin, the American Nazi Party, and the Ku Klux Klan.

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