Company switchover, want us to basically work 3 weeks for nothing!?

(Edit: I’m UK based)

First up, mobile rant so forgive any formatting errors.

So, ive been working for a horticultural company as a grounds maintenance operator for the past 5 years. We’re subcontracted out to maintain areas for the local housing association. Recently the company lost this contract to a new company, no worries, as workers we get transferred over to the new company via tupee. This essentially means that the only thing to change with my employment is that I now have a different uniform and a new boss. Still get paid monthly, at the end of month. The problem is this month…

New company took over 1st March, payday will be 28th.

But we’ve been told that because the cutoff date for March’s wage is the 8th, we will only be paid for one week come payday.

But, lucky us! The company are willing to offer us an interest free loan of the wages we’ll be owed….ok great!

….Not really, see if I take the loan then it will be deducted from my monthly wage for the next 3 months, not so great. They want to loan me the money im owed and then want me to pay it back to them…WTF!?

So ive basically been given the option of either surviving a month on one weeks wage, or only getting paid for 3 out of 4 weeks over the next 3 months.


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