Comcast thought I died when I switched the account holder to the folks moving into my old apartment. Now they’ve sent an “outstanding” bill to a collection agency.

About four months ago, I moved out of an apartment where I’d had Comcast for a few years. The new folks moving in were eager to get set up, and I had time to kill, and with the Xfinity store just down the street, we all went to the brick and mortar store together to make sure everything could get transferred into their name without issue.

We filled out what we were told was the necessary paperwork, and went on our merry way.

Two months later, I received a phone call from Comcast saying that they were sorry to hear of my untimely demise.

Apparently, the paperwork filed was what should have been filed in case an account holder dies. I informed them that I was very much alive and reminded them of the name and address of the new account owner which was on the documents filed. I received a very embarrassed apology and was given a ticket # to reference “in case it came up.”

Well, turns out it has. Another few weeks later, I got another call from their billing department. I referenced the ticket number and told them that I didn’t want to be contacted about this again. They agreed and hung up.

Last week, I received a letter from a collections agency regarding the “outstanding” bill, and today I received an email from credit karma that the agency is showing up as a collection account on my credit report.

I plan to call them in a few hours, but am already frustrated and want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

1: Since Comcast presumably sold this debt to them, I’d imagine that waving a ticket number from Comcast in their face won’t do much.

2: While I believe Comcast is really in the wrong here, I don’t know that they can actually do anything about stopping the collections.

3: How should I go about getting the information necessary to dispute something like this?

Any recommendations would be appreciated!


(Ps: the whole “don’t get Comcast” recommendation was one I definitely should have listened to sooner…)

Update: Spent two and a half hours on the phone with them as I’m out of state rn and couldn’t go in-person. First came a rep who tried to do some “research” into the situation and then hung up on me. Then came another rep who told me to call another number. When I asked who it was for, she told me it was for the collection agency (I’d called them first and they’d confirmed that only Comcast could call off the debt). I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Was transferred to a rep in Spanish. Asked to be transferred, again, to a supervisor in the billing department. Got another rep, this time speaking English. She “couldn’t” get ahold of a supervisor, but did take copious notes about what was going on and created a new ticket to submit to the collections department (which is apparently separate from billing?) Currently awaiting a callback by Tuesday and will update with additional details then.

Takeaways thus far:

1- Don’t use Comcast if you can avoid it.

2- Don’t transfer service on an account, even to help somebody out, as it can have lasting, draining effects.

3- Ask for a copy of any documents you fill out in the store.

4- If you’ve gotten into this situation, apparently try asking for their collections department(?) More to come, and thanks everyone for the suggestions!

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