Citibank somehow merged my account with someone else’s/20k loan/possible theft


Citibank merged or gave away my account to another customer of theirs. They replaced my name and SSN with this other person’s. Gave him a debit and credit card with the same exact numbers as mine but with his name on it. Pretty much replaced me as the account holder and transfered it to his name, but decided to keep all the contact info as my own. Freezes my checking account along with the loan that the other guy opened. Even though he’s the one that opened it, they still put me in default for that loan.

Before you read, this isn’t identity theft. Citi made a terrible mistake and merged my account and someone else’s account into one. Could still be theft, just unsure. Don’t know whether take citi’s word at this point.

Tried logging into my CB account last night to pay off a bill but after multiple attempts at recovering my account, I was locked out. I then proceeded to call cs and was told that some of my information was incorrect, such as my SSN, and then he proceeded to tell me someone else’s SSN to try changing the pw with. After logging in I noticed that the name on the account was different and there was a loan opened up for 20k. Checking through the account credentials, it had my address, phone number and email. Called cs back to speak to a supervisor and was told that the account didn’t belong to me, that my credit/debit card and account number belonged to someone else. Unsure if this is identity theft because this guy has been paying off the loan but hasn’t touched my checking account at all.

I was told that they don’t know why or how this could have happened, and they’re recommending that I close the account and open a new one. That the loan made was through this other person and not from me so I haven’t been affected.

They’ve just called up fraud and have stated that it is in fact identity theft. But my question is, how could this have been possible? How is it that they they were able change the SOCIAL SECURITY? And they’re also telling me that due to the government shut down the department that can fix this will not take phone calls until it’s back up?! LOL I AM FUMING. But should I not be worried since apparently the money was supposedly not approved through my name? I’ve even tried getting a loan from them before the incident for a lesser amount and was declined. So things don’t add up.

So now I’m wondering, what can I do? Someone please help.

I pressed the woman handling my problem on the matter at how they should be held reliable and how this shouldn’t have happened in the first place but she says that it isn’t citi’s fault and keeps accusing the person who stole my identity. Lol Fuck citi.

Update: I’ve just been told that I can’t make a new account as I’m going into default. Citi should be held accountable. Trying to transfer it to another bank.

Update 2: Just found out that it’s 100% citi’s fault and they don’t want to take the blame for it. They somehow merged my account and someone else’s account into one, no identity theft. Both I and the other person has reported the incident and they will not allow me take out my own money because they’re stating that it could be the other person’s. They told me to call customer service and try to speak to someone in corporate. Lol this is great.

Update 3: tb

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