Check for $1900 that isn’t mine was deposited into my account.

3 days ago a check for $1900 was deposited into my account. I figured the bank had just messed up but when I called and asked about it they said they didn’t see a problem, and that it was my account number on the check. The check was mail deposited without a completed deposit slip. There is no recipient name, just the senders name which I do not recognize.

I asked what I should do and the guy I was talking to and his supervisor said to wait about 4-5 days, and if the check clears the money should be mine. ??? Why would they tell me this when I’ve told them I don’t know where the money came from? What do I do?

Edit: I do have access to a picture of the check. A couple things: It isn’t hand written, my account number is clearly printed on the check. under “pay to the order of” it just says my bank name, I also don’t recognize the name or address of the sender. It’s from a completely different state. The number for the bank the check came from is also on it.

I think I’m going to wait a bit to see if it clears. If that happens then I’ll probably call the number on the check and ask about it. For sure will not be sending anyone any money, if they want it back they’ll have to reverse the check.

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