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Offered a New Job–Should I Take It?

/r/personalfinance has always been one of my favorite subs, and, since advice here is usually great, I figured I would post this here. This is a combination of two posts that I made yesterday and

‘Facebook’s stock is bottoming…

Jim Cramer gets cautiously bullish on the stock of Facebook as retailers continue to advertise on its Instagram platform and the company boosts its buyback. Main Source Author:

$8500 credit card debt. Lord please help me.

$3000 PayPal Credit 20% APR $2500 Visa 21% APR $1000 Wells Fargo 18% APR $1000 Chase Slate 0% APR ($30/month mandatory payment) $800 Amazon Card 20% APR 45k year salary. I was irresponsible and now