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Poor life choices

The facts: Age: 28 Current Job: Paramedic, working night shift at ER. 12 hour shifts. Busy ER. Living in: Houston TX Take home: $2,700 NET monthly. Kids: 0 Homes owned: 0 College Degrees: 0 Education

Is living on 13$ a day possible?

I calculated how much money I have per day until I’m able to start my new job. It came out to $13 a day, luckily this will only be for about a month until my new job starts, and I’ve already put aside

Promotion Gone Wrong – Advice Needed

Hi PF, long time lurker, first time poster. Using a throwaway since it's about my job. Long story short, I work for a large telecommunications company in a division that provides software products to

Fired 2 years from retirement.

Dont know if this is the correct place for this . My father-in-law (64) just got fires from his job yesterday. We had known this was going to happen since he had been suspended for the past month.