Cancelled LA Fitness – They keep charging me

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I spoke with an employee via phone at my local LA Fitness about cancelling my membership 4 months ago. I am a month to month member and she told me I could cancel via email and to send it to a specific manager in XX department. I did so and I believed I have cancelled. I got a new credit card number due to fraud and now I’m getting calls everyday from LA Fitness saying I’ve missed my payment. 6 days in a row I’m getting these calls. The first time I spoke to a young lady and explained what I had done, how I followed instructions and cancelled the account via email and she acknowledged that was in the notes and she would have a manager call me to reimburse for the last 3 months (Yes, they continued to charge me) and to confirm my cancellation. Problem is everyday they call back (from a different phone number), it’s a different person, with the same story … “You’ve missed a payment, would you like to update your card” and I have to explain and they apologize and say the manager should call the next day, except ….

Today when they called he said I couldn’t cancel via email and that my account was still active. What is the best approach to get this situation fixed?

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