Buying a used car? Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection!

I work at an auto repair facility and every once in a while a customer will come in with a used vehicle that they just purchased that’s now having problems. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone that was excited to get a new used vehicle, spend their hard earned money, and then all of a sudden start having issues with it that they might not be able to afford to fix. In order to help prevent this from possibly happening, get a Pre-Purchase Inspection done on the vehicle. Not only can it save you some headaches and costs for repairs on a newly owned used vehicle but you can use the information given to you in a Pre-Purchase Inspection to help you get a lower price and/or an extended warranty. This helps when the vehicle is not Certified Pre-Owned vehicle or under factory warranty. I don’t care if you’re buying the car from your best friend since kindergarten, a reputable used car lot, or your family. They may not know what to look for or specialize in that car meaning there can be things wrong with it even though it seems to drive just fine and not have any warning lights on.

Before you buy, make sure to take the vehicle to a shop that has a good reputation (check Google reviews) and specializes in the type of vehicle you want to buy. The inspection should run between $100-$150 on average and the information you get is worth it’s weight in gold. The shop should give you an estimate (make sure this is included with the inspection!) to repair anything they find wrong and you can use that as ammunition for a lower price or to get an extended warranty. If there’s nothing wrong, you get the peace of mind knowing nothing needs to be repaired right away. Example – I purchased a 2009 BMW 335i from a very reputable dealer in my area. Before I bought it I took it to our shop for the inspection and found it needed a valve cover, valve cover gasket, and a few other items totaling $3500+. I went back to the dealership and requested a $3500 discount or warranty to cover the repairs. They offered a warranty, I selected the plan that made sure to cover everything listed on the inspection that was wrong with the car and walked away with a bumper to bumper warranty for 2 years that covered everything on my list and then some! I pay $100 whenever i need something on my list repaired and they gave me a great deal on the warranty.

Coming from a repair shop, I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking at buying a used car. You might not be able to catch everything in the inspection that can go wrong with a vehicle right away but this is a great way to help try and prevent any large repair costs after buying a used vehicle. Thanks and I hope this helps!

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