Buying a home now or saving 20% down

My realtor friends are all saying buy now cause rates are low. I am 37 and have lived with my father my whole life(we split rent etc). I have 13k saved at the moment with no debt. I made some mistakes in my 20s and built up some large debt that I finally paid off a few years ago. I’m on pace to save 18k by the year mark of when I started saving. Would you guys just keep saving for a while? I want to be on my own badly but I’m saving so much right now.

My dream homes run about 170k. I’ve been looking more down around 130k though. I refuse to be house poor so I’m planning my mortgage and utilities to be 33% of my monthly pay.

Renting is not really an option, I want a nice garage to work on cars etc.

Thank you for any advice.

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