Brother spends too much. Broke 2 weeks before payday.

Hi! I (23) live in Sweden and so does my brother(25). We get paid monthly. We are neighbors and I know that his take home pay should cover his expenses and leave him a fair amount of money for food and spending.

However he always asks if me and hubby can lend him some money around the 15th or 20th every month. We have a toddler and live on about 20% less money then he does since we are currently studying. This is simply a budgeting problem. I do not think he is on drugs or whatever, haha.

He has borrowed from our parents as well (larger amounts) and they are getting frustrated because it takes him long to pay back etc. It takes a toll on their relationship.

I just don’t know how to talk with him in a good and loving manner about this. I want to help him stick to a budget and succeed financially.

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