Brexit: May makes fresh free vote concession to Brexiters ahead of debate on no deal – Politics live

Fresh vote on nation’s future comes after Theresa May’s withdrawal proposal was defeated in the Commons on Tuesday

This is what the Malthouse compromise amendment says.

At end, add “; notes the steps taken by the government, the EU and its member states to minimise any disruption that may occur should the UK leave the EU without an agreed withdrawal agreement and proposes that the government should build on this work as follows: 1. That the government should publish the UK’s day one tariff schedules immediately; 2. To allow businesses to prepare for the operation of those tariffs, that the government should seek an extension of the article 50 process to 10.59pm on 22 May 2019, at which point the UK would leave the EU; 3. Thereafter, in a spirit of co-operation and in order to begin discussions on the future relationship, the government should offer a further set of mutual standstill agreements with the EU and member states for an agreed period ending no later than 30 December 2021, during which period the UK would pay an agreed sum equivalent to its net EU contributions and satisfy its other public international law obligations; and 4. The government should unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens resident in the UK.”.

Conservative MPs will get a free vote on the Malthouse compromise amendment, Downing Street has decided. (See 8.55am, 9.11am and 10.32am.)

Free vote now for Malthouse amendment too after threatened ministerial rebellion… but not (yet) Spelman-Dromey

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