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The prominent Tory backbencher, Damian Collins, who backed remain, says he’ll vote against the government’s motion tomorrow.

1) I will be voting against the government’s motion on EU withdrawal tomorrow. Nothing has really changed since last November. We have the power to apply to an arbitration panel to leave the back stop, but not the right to leave by ourselves.

2) My objections to the deal are not just based on the technical legal wording. The real world scenario is that we will remain bound to many EU trade laws after we supposedly leave, with no say in making them. We’d also have no independent legal means of ending this arrangement.

The DUP MP, Jim Shannon, warned that improvements to the deal could be the “Emperor’s new clothes”. He said:

He will know the story of the Emperor’s clothes and we just hope tomorrow morning the Emperor’s clothes won’t reveal something very embarrassing for the prime minister.

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