Brexit: Three ministers resign to join 29-strong Tory revolt on indicative votes – live news

MPs vote by 329 to 302 for Letwin amendment, despite Theresa May saying government would not be bound by result

These are from Hannah White, deputy director of the Institute for Government.

I can see that for Government tonight’s vote represents uncomfortable loss of control over Commons time but it’s NOT ACTUALLY UNCOMMON for other groups of MPs to determine what is on the order paper (on opposition days, backbench business days, estimates days)…

… what is unusual here is that the Government has lost control of the scheduling of ON WHICH DAY non-govt members get to choose the business. In the latter stages of Brexit they have been carefully avoiding scheduling days when unwelcome business can be scheduled…

… at the moment the motions that will be scheduled on Wed will not be binding on the government – and the PM clearly indicated earlier today that she would not consider herself bound by them. In this the government is continuing the approach it has taken to opposition days.

Here is the full text of what Jeremy Corbyn said in his point of order a moment ago.

Mr Speaker, I would like to congratulate the house for taking control.

The government’s approach has been an abject failure and this house must now find a solution.

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