Brexit: Labour and SNP demand recall of parliament after Scottish court rules prorogation unlawful – live news

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Sir Ed Davey, the deputy Lib Dem leader, has told BBC News that he thinks this affair could lead to the resignation of Boris Johnson. Asked if this could lead to Johnson having to resign as prime minister, Davey said:

It could well do. If he has been found to have misled the Queen, I think the whole nation will be deeply shocked and alarmed. This is a prime minister we already know has said he might obey a law in parliament, so he is behaving in the most disgraceful way. Now it may be that the supreme court next week overturns the decision. But that three judges, independent judges, could come to this conclusion today is a real blow to the government, and it also backs what Liberal Democrats and others have been saying, this government should not have silenced parliament.

In London the high court has released its full judgment explaining why it turned down the legal challenge against prorogation launched by the campaigner Gina Miller and others.

Here is the summary (pdf).

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