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This is from the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg.

1. Labour expecting updated proposal from govt, hoping for more concessions on customs – more formal talks possible this afternoon
2. Mini-cabinet at 1pm
3. Tory Brexiteer MPs trying to organise ‘indicative’ vote of no confidence in PM

Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary, has been criticised in a report today from the Commons standards committee (pdf) for adopting a cavalier attitude to Commons rules. The report covers his failure to declare part-ownership of a property in Somerset in the register of members’ interests. In normal circumstances this would count as a trivial matter that would not merit a full standards committee investigation, but Johnson has been criticised more harshly because this is the second time this year that he has been caught not obeying the rules relating to registering interests properly.

This is what Kathryn Stone, the commissioner for standards, said about the case in her report to the committee.

I do not accept that this was an inadvertent breach of the rules. Mr Johnson has co-operated fully with my inquiry, but his failure to check properly that he had brought his register entry up to date during my last inquiry might be regarded as showing a lack of respect for the house’s rules and for the standards system. That does not demonstrate the leadership, which one would expect of a longstanding and senior member of the house, nor compliance with the general principles of conduct.

We conclude with concern that these two investigations by the commissioner in rapid succession demonstrate a pattern of behaviour by Mr Johnson. While there is no suggestion that he has at any time tried deliberately to conceal the extent of his interests, this latest breach reinforces the view which we expressed in our previous report, that he has displayed “an over-casual attitude towards obeying the rules of the House”, in conjunction with “a lack of effective organisation within [his] office”. We find it particularly regrettable that Mr Johnson gave an assurance to the Commissioner that his registration of financial interests was up to date, and within a very short period it proved not to be.

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