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Senior Scottish Liberal Democrats are open to a future merger with the Independent Group (TIG) of MPs, providing it establishes its liberal credentials and holds together as a cohesive force, senior sources have said.

Another key issue for senior Lib Dems in Scotland is replacing Vince Cable as UK party leader: Cable has already indicated he will step down after May’s local elections and EU withdrawal, but dissatisfaction at what his seen as his lacklustre leadership is growing.

The Office for National Statistics has released figures this morning on the number of deaths of homeless people in England and Wales by local authority area. As you would expect, it says that areas with the highest deprivation have many more deaths relative to their population (nine times as many, to be precise) as the least disadvantaged areas.

Here are the five areas with the highest numbers of deaths of homeless people, per head of population, in the five years covered by the data.

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