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John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has rejected warnings from Len McCluskey, the Unite leader, that Labour members would see support for a second Brexit referendum as a betrayal, my colleague Severin Carrell reports. McCluskey, who wields substantial influence within the party, told a group of Labour MPs earlier this week the party could alienate supporters by backing a fresh referendum, and urged them to stick to Labour’s alternative Brexit plan. But McDonnell said that in a choice between staying in the EU and Theresa May’s deal he would vote to remain. Asked during a visit to Glasgow on Friday if the Unite general secretary was right supporters would see that as a betrayal, McDonnell said: “No.” He said that if there were a second referendum it was “inevitable” the choice for voters on the ballot would be remain versus Theresa May’s deal, adding “and if it was I would vote remain.”

You can read Severin’s full story here.

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Matthew Goodwin, the academic who is co-author of a very readable and thought-provoking new book about “national populism”, has joined the debate about Norway plus. He doesn’t think it’s a solution either.

I understand why some support a Norway #Brexit. They are sincere in wanting the best for Britain & a way through. But Norway is not a meaningful reply to the two drivers of the Brexit vote: reform of free movement; & restoration of sovereignty. It is a seed for further division

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