Michael Moreci on writing a Star Wars-but-not-Star Wars adventure

Last year, author Michael Moreci released his debut novel, Black Star Renegades, about a young man named Cade Sura who finds himself chased by agents of an extremist galactic empire when he comes into possession of a powerful weapon. If that sounds a bit like the plot of a Star Wars film, that’s by design: the book is an admitted homage to George Lucas’ franchise.

Black Star Renegades is a fun, pulpy, familiar read: a dash across space with a lovable band of misfits trying to stay one step ahead of Queen Ga Halle of the Praxis, an evil empire with plans on total galactic domination. Cade and his brother Tristan are brought into a group of spiritual warriors known as the Rai, and after Tristan is killed, Cade discovers that he can wield…

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