Beyond leaving a will, has anyone here setup instructions for what a spouse should do after you pass?

Im in the process of making out my will, setting up a trust, POA, and healthcare proxy as you should, but I realize that its likely not enough.

Despite my efforts to get my wife involved in our finances, she doesnt have the same amount of interest currently. My assumption at this point is that she wouldnt be sure of what needs to be done if i were to unexpectedly pass.

So Im starting to write an instruction manual of sorts, and I thought you might be able to help out. My topic so far are…

  • Header with my details, DOB, SS#, etc
  • Dont panic / Overview of Autopay bills and emergency fund
  • How to continue paying bills (dump money from emergency fund into joint checking, apply for SS widow benefit, how much we spend monthly, etc)
  • How to access my password manager, location and access to backup database for password manager, primary email account.
  • List of all bank accounts with account numbers
  • Home maintenance schedules, and trusted plumber/electrician contacts

What else am I missing?

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