Bell continues to make progress with revolutionize vertical lift for U.S warfighters

Bell Textron, a global leader in tiltrotor and leading provider of military and commercial helicopters, continues to make exceptional progress with the V-280 Valor.

According to the company, from the beginning of the joint multirole – technology demonstrator (JMR-TD) program, Valor’s team had a mission: revolutionize vertical lift for U.S. warfighters.

The newest V-280 tiltrotor has over twice the speed and range as the current vertical lift fleet. Currently, the new Bell’s generation of combat aircraft offers strategic projection with tactical execution for unconventional performance.

The company’s website said the V-280 offensive and defensive systems support aircraft survivability, and provide lethal and accurate fires to aid your ground force commander.

Also added that the V-280 aerial refuel and strategic lift deployability increases strategic and operational flexibility in responding to military or humanitarian assistance missions.

Flexibility in both internal and external payload configurations of new aircraft allows responsive logistical support to maintain offensive and defensive operations.

Earlier this year, the Bell V-280 Valor recently completed flight demonstrations of its low-speed agility key performance parameter (KPP) in the U.S. Army-led JMR TD program ahead of schedule.

The V-280 Valor has now demonstrated in flight testing that it has the raw control power in pitch, roll, and yaw maneuvers to meet the Army’s Level 1 Handling Qualities requirements, which is the highest performance standard for agility. This flight testing validates Bell’s engineering models and development processes to design, build, and test an air vehicle on an aggressive aircraft development schedule that meets Army performance requirements and delivers revolutionary capabilities to warfighters.

Photo by Bell Textron
Photo by Bell Textron
Photo by Bell Textron

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