Being charged a $100 restocking fee on an order I cancelled immediately. Do I have any recourse?

EDIT 3: Since numerous people keep asking, this is how I was able to resolve it: – I spoke with 3 different reps about cancelling my order. The first said they couldn’t cancel orders and that I must wait for the product to arrive then schedule a return. – I reached out again and the second rep confirmed they are able to cancel, but would charge a 15% restocking fee. After I politely informed the rep that I did not believe I should be charged this fee, I was transferred to a third rep. – This rep essentially repeated what the second rep said, and I politely asked for my case to be escalated. – A manager reached out to hear my case. I explained everything calmly and he agreed that the restocking fee didn’t make sense in my case. He double checked my order and confirmed it hadn’t processed yet, and no product had moved. He stated they would process the cancellation as normal. – I received an email shortly after confirming the cancellation. The refund was posted to my Credit Card, and no restocking fee was charged.

EDIT 2: I appreciate the continued support and advice hours later, but I’ve successfully remedied the situation. All good here. Thanks!!

EDIT: I was polite yet persistent and was able to get my order cancelled without a fee. I’ll definitely do my research in the future before ordering from a new place. Thanks to everyone for the advice!

I ordered a TV on Dell’s website and decided against it an hour later. I contacted them about cancelling an order and a rep stated that I will be charged a 15% restocking fee, or about $100.

When I asked for a link to this policy, they referred me to their return policy. I stated that I am not returning anything because I don’t have the product, merely cancelling an order. But they refuse to not charge the “restocking” fee.

Is there anything I can do in this scenario? It feels like a scam to make some money off of cancelled orders. I should add the order is still “processing” so they’ve essentially done nothing with the actual order so far, yet need to charge to “restock” it.

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