Been neglecting my student loans while also saving a fair amount of money what’s my best course of action?

Going to preface this by saying I am an idiot & incredibly irresponsible. I have been working a job that pays minimum wage – 12.25/hr with a promotion I got an living at home. I’m pretty irresponsible with money and have taken several trips/buy food for myself/coffee/gas etc, but I have been living at home so I’m not paying rent. I have managed to save $7,500 despite some additional shit (got ripped off by a creep long story) and I’m moving to a nearby city to start my life; BUT the catch is I still owe 4,500 dollars in student loans from 1 year at art school!

I’ve been neglecting these loans and making bare minimum required monthly payments because of the sheer anxiety I have regarding this, which is silly I know but they really weigh on me because I’ve basically just been throwing my money down the drain for 2 years only paying off the interest :/

Should I just pay them off in one fell swoop with my savings and move to this city with only a couple thousand ? Or just keep paying monthly. I’ll be making 13.50/hr and probably only getting 20~ hours a week until I secure a second job. I have no degree so it’s minimum wage jobs for me for now. My rent will be 500 + utilities and I’m gonna try to get SNAP if I can.

I’m really lost, I feel like moving out is really important to me because i’m turning 21 but I don’t want to be in debt any more. What are the ramifications of me letting these go unpaid ?? Other than accrued interest ? I have no credit cards open so therefore nothing else to improve my credit which is probably pretty bad I have no idea how to check it without getting scammed. I’m an idiot.

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