Attitude about finances matters a lot. Don’t be a “victim” of your budget.

Ive learned this recently and it really has changed my life, and I think its important. I may have said a lot of dumb stuff, but my advice ive learned in the past month, even less, for people who have a very tight budget, or people in general.

It is always said, don’t buy something you can’t afford. I agree. But that idea is dangerous.

Instead of saying “i can’t afford that” you should ask yourself “how could I afford that”. Even for basic things, even wants. Theres some things you wont be able to afford no matter what you do. But, at the end of the day, Either check for expenses in your budget you can eliminate – or find a job or money making thing on the side. 7 hours a week more, most people could handle. At minimum wage,7 hours a weekis an extra $200/m, if you can, why not look for a part time job where you can work 7 hours a week? Or if you can’t do that, you can look for a cheaper way to do it. I wanted a new car, but I had a budget of $900. I bought a non running car for $300, $300 in repairs, and now I have a considerably *nice* car, that I got for dirt cheap. And its not like thats something rare. If a car needs work, it is almost always insanely underinflated in price. I saw a truck that was prob worth $3k at least, maybe closer to $5k if additional work was done. $900, Why? needed transmission work. Now, it wouldn’t be worth it if you hired a mechanic, but if it were me, I would take the transmission out, which I can do(anyone can, its not really hard, just takes aggressive googling), and go ahead and drive it to a tranny specialist. The majority of the cost would be just removing it and putting it in.

Thats how to not be a victim of poverty. Most people who say they cant afford xxx could afford it if they just asked themselves “what would it take to afford this”

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