At which point did you stop religiously tracking your expenses and trusted yourself to only spend what is necessary?

My wife and I have done a good job in never buying anything unnecessary and thinking twice/comparing prices, etc with everything we do. Looking back almost a year, there are no expenses that we regret or could have avoided.

For the last couple months I stopped my rigorous budgeting and expense tracking and looks like we are doing just fine. The only difference is that I am not laboring away on excel sheets anymore and have some more free time on my hands.

I think there is value in trusting your natural decision making after years of disciplining yourself so gonna give it a try for some time.

I am still on the lookout for savings wherever possible, and keep a mental record of major expenses and have a pretty good idea of our finances at any given point but all in the rough – not written down to the penny anymore. Feels good.

Anyone else go through this transformation?

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