Asking for a raise for the first time ever, looking for some pointers

Long story, been working IT for a company for about 2.5 years now. Currently working at the same rate they brought me in at. At the time, it was a very competitive salary for what I was doing, however, now with all the extra responsibility I’ve received, I think it’s time that I make quite a bit more.

The reason I started thinking about this is because they brought in another IT guy (pretty different from what I do, think end user support vs. Asset management), but his pay was SIGNIFICANTLY higher than mine. Even weirder, I reported to this guy’s BOSS, so technically I was higher level than him but still made the same amount as when I came in.

I’ve received good sized lump-bonuses every year while working here, but never received a permanent wage increase. I’ve recently moved around business lines, gotten a slight promotion with a hefty amount of responsibility, and have been doing pretty well at it for the better part of a year now. Now I think it’s time to schedule a meeting with my boss and discuss a pay raise.

I’m getting a solid list of items together such as my new responsibilities, the competitive asset management salaries around the area, etc. Just looking for pointers such as:

– What else should I have prepared other than general reasons I think I should get a raise?

– Based on my time with the company and the recent promotion, how much % increase should I request?

– Any tips on the meeting with my boss?

Any info would be incredibly appreciated. Really hoping to get a pay increase so I can afford a new place with my gf. Thanks so much for anything you guys can offer!

EDIT: Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the help here!!! Literally never had so many replies on a reddit post before, this is BEYOND helpful.

– also: Sorry for the confusion, I meant to say I report to the past guy’s boss’s boss, meaning I’m at the same level as the new guy’s boss.

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