Are “No Haggle” Car Dealerships the new norm?

Interested in hearing other’s experiences. I just bought a used vehicle at a large Ford dealership yesterday. My father bought a used car at a Toyota dealership recently, and had the same experience.

Despite my best efforts, they would not budge on the vehicle price. The salesman kept referencing “internet pricing”, saying it’s already listed at their best price. Now, the price had dropped by $1,000 from when I first saw it last week, but they would not move from that price yesterday. He said the dealership is part of a no-haggle network of dealerships, though it isn’t advertised as such. It’s been 10 years since I bought a car, so maybe the landscape is changing, but to me, everything is negotiable. I was able to negotiate on my trade-in, and get a deal I was happy with, but I was genuinely surprised they wouldn’t budge on the vehicle price.

Is “no haggle” or “internet price” just the way dealerships do business now?

Edit to Add:

Lots of good posts here, seems like there isn’t much haggling in the Used car industry anymore. To add some clarity, I had been searching for months, waiting for the right deal for the vehicle I wanted. My out the door price was below the KBB, the dealer is also going to buff out some minor scratches, and they filled the tank (30 gallons). I still got a good deal, I was just surprised that they wouldn’t go any lower on the price. In my past experience, there was always room to go down a little bit.

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