Apple Upgrade Program vs Buying and Selling iPhone Each Year

Did anyone buy the Xs or Xs Max via the Apple Upgrade program last September and plan to swap for an 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max? I’m curious to know what happens if you utilize the upgrade program on a 1 year basis.

For a pricing example: If you bought the Xs Max last year, I would assume that you only made 12 payments of the total $1250, so you paid likely $625 for the first year.

If you plan to get the 11 Pro Max, you would owe either 12 or 24 payments of the $1250, so it’s basically a new iPhone every year for $625 per year in this example. Is that basically how it works?

I’m trying to figure out the best financial option. I realize buying the phone with cash and keeping the phone for a few years is best; however, I am someone who likes to upgrade their phone every year (or two) and need the best advice!

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