Brexit: Boris Johnson’s claim to represent people v parliament is absurd, says Corbyn – live news

The Labour leader has told the TUC that his party will go after tax avoiders, bosses and landlords at an election

Tony Blair, the former Labour prime minister, has said it would be wrong to use the general election to try to resolve the Brexit crisis. A referendum was needed for that, he argued, because an election should be fought on wider issues. Speaking at an event at King’s College London, he said:

It is wrong as a matter of principle to mix the general election up with the specific Brexit question.

If the British people end up having a general election on Brexit you are going to mix up issues that should be kept separate.

I’m just back from the Downing Street lobby briefing, much of which focused on what happened at cabinet. I’ll post the highlights shortly, but you are better off reading James Forsyth’s take in the Spectator, which is more interesting. Here’s an excerpt.

At the start of the meeting, Boris Johnson took on the argument made by many of the Tory 21 that this is an extreme government, and that he is turning the Tories into a rightwing sect. He argued that most voters want the referendum result delivered, which is what he is trying to do, and that his domestic agenda is in the common ground of British politics. He pointed out that he was more trusted on the NHS than Jeremy Corbyn, which would hardly be the case if the critics’ charge was true. He told the cabinet that he was ‘the most liberal Conservative PM in decades’. At which point, Matt Hancock interjected: ‘Don’t tell Priti.’

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