AMEX CC debt sold to collections compamy then passed to another collections company and now its lost.

Back in April of this year I was laid off from a job where I had a business Amex. I had 7k in charges I had messed up and never got added to business expense reports and was left to pay that out of my own pocket. My mistake and different story.

Anyway. After about 60 days of not making payments to this due to some major financial hardships I started getting upwards of five collections calls a day from this collections company that absorbed the debt from AMEX. I told them repeatedly I would not have any means to make payments for a while until I got a new job and caught up on all my other stuff too. They basically said expect to be hounded day and night until I start paying. They did until about 6 weeks ago.

I kind of forgot about it and after getting caught up on my finances I decided it was time to start chipping away at this debt this month.

I called the collections company yesterday and they said it belonged to another company and gave me their number. I called the number they gave me and said they have no idea or info of the debt I was talking about.

Im paranoid about my credit taking a hit as this is the only bill Im delinquent on. I checked my credit report and the AMEX is and has never been attached to my credit despite my name and name of the company was on the card.

Im confused. I went in circles a couple times with AMEX and the collections companies. I understand that debt just doesnt disappear. But as of now I am completely unable to make any payments to anyone and wondering what will happen next if things continue like this?

I have not gotten any paper mail in almost two months or a single collections call regarding it in 6 weeks or more now.

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