In season 2, American Gods has fallen on hard times

Spoiler warning: This review reveals major plot points from season 1 of American Gods, and lays out season 2 storylines.

Neil Gaiman’s 2007 novel American Gods tells the story of awesome, magical beings brought low by the loss of faith and the cold realities of the modern age. Now the same tragic fate has struck Starz’s American Gods TV adaptation, which returned for season 2 on March 10th. Conflicts about the show’s budget and adherence to Gaiman’s story led showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green to leave after season 1, which led to the loss of standout cast members Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth. Gaiman chose Jesse Alexander to take over as showrunner, but he was “exiled” from the show last fall, and Starz still hasn’t…

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