AMC will raise the price of its MoviePass competitor next year, citing strong demand

Theater chain AMC says its new MoviePass-style subscription service, called Stubs A-List, continues to grow at a surprising pace, with more than 500,000 members since its launch back in June. Yet because of that, AMC says it will now have to raise prices in pricier markets like California and New York to offset the higher-than-expected usage rates of subscribers. In some states, the price will increase by $4 to $23.95 a month, while in others it will increase by $2 to $21.95 a month. The pricing changes go into effect on January 9th, 2019.

As a result, AMC says it will offer A-List permanently — it was just offered in a test phase prior to today — and the company will continue to add additional benefits for subscribers. Those benefits…

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