Always confirm your credit card statements after hotel visits, it just saved me $400 at a recent stay in a Marriott property.

Over the weekend I stayed at a Marriott property that I paid fully using points. All 3 nights were paid for by points and my credit card was only used to pay for the daily parking fees at the property ($10 per day).

I get home and have a $400 fee on my card including the expected daily parking fees.

After 20 minutes with Marriott customer service they said that this was an error on their part, and that I shouldn’t be charged. The rep was very polite but said “this happens more frequently than you’d think” which rung off alarm bells in my head.

If I hadn’t checked my credit card closely, I would have never noticed as $400 isn’t that much compared to what my monthly statements are. If I hadn’t called I’m positive this would not have fixed itself.

TLDR: make sure you check your credit cards closely as you’ve likely been incorrectly charged for something.

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