Always, always check that your employer is actually paying you what they said they would.

This may seem like common sense to most, but I’m posting in case it helps even one person not make the mistake I did.

In August of last year, I was offered a promotion, full time, and a 3$/hr raise at my current job (a small B2B software company). I’m a new graduate so this was my first “grown up” job with benefits. I accepted and just assumed the pay raise would be reflected September 1st since my boss, his boss, and HR had all signed off on paperwork saying it would be. Full time hours did hit and there was more money in my account…my timecard only shows hours, not rate, so I just assumed all was well.

Well, my fiancé and I were combining budgets, and his hourly rate is the same as mine should be…but somehow, he was making a lot more? I checked with HR and it turns out, due to a paperwork error THEY NEVER INCREASED MY PAY. I’ve been receiving my old rate the past 7 months. I feel like an idiot! But, I’m going to get back pay to the tune of $3,000+ plus the incentive I was offered on start up and never actually received.

So, don’t be me. Check that your company is actually paying you what they said they would, and never, ever assume when it comes to your paycheck. 🙂

Edit to add: I went from 30 hours to 40 hours at the same time my raise was supposed to hit, which is why my pay went “up” and I didn’t notice!

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