Some Costco employees say they get a special cake after working with the company for 25 years that normal customers can’t order

Shoshy Ciment/Business InsiderA Manhattan Costco sells sheet cakes for a variety of occasions.Costco employs more than 245,000 workers and offers benefits to its employees like medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as the chance for a 401K matching plan and free membership for employees and their families.Some employees say workers who hit their 25th year working at Costco get a special benefit – a sheet cake with the Costco logo on it.Seven Costco employees in stores across California, New Jersey, Minnesota, Ontario, and Ohio mentioned that they had heard of the special cake in varying forms for an employee who hits 25 years with the company.Some employees mentioned that the perk depends on the warehouse and the manager.Costco declined to comment for this story.Visit

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