Dispensed: A trip to rural Pennsylvania, the final word on uBiome, and the looming cloud wars in healthcare

Hello,Welcome to Dispensed, Business Insider’s weekly healthcare newsletter recapping all the work that kept the healthcare team busy this week while we’re all in NYC enjoying the fall weather. Most of the team spent a big chunk of Wednesday and Thursday hanging out at Chelsea Piers where we were attending/moderating sessions at CB Insight’s Future of Health conference. Between the news and the conference, we somehow managed to squeeze in a selfie of the team all together for the first time!Let’s get to it. But before I dive in. Are you new to our newsletter? You can sign up for Dispensed here.First, Erin Brodwin had the scoop on the official end of uBiome. The company has gone from bankruptcy to liquidation. Bankrupt poop-testing startup uBiome is shutting downRight before that, she also

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