Palantir’s tech was used by ICE in the controversial arrests of 680 people at a Mississippi chicken farm according to an immigrants’ rights group

Rosalie ChanActivists protest in front of Palantir’s cafeteria in Palo Alto, CAImmigration activist group Mijente is about to publish a blog post accusing Palantir of supplying tech used in ICE’s biggest workplace raid this summer.The group believes Palantir tech was used during the controversial raid on chicken processing plants where 680 immigrants were arrested.Mijente has been pounding the drums over Palantir’s use by ICE, even as Palantir has insisted that its tech is used by a different group within ICE that is not responsible for deportations or family separations at the border.Mijente’s pressure campaign appears to be having some success. Employees at Palantir have signed at least two letters asking management to adopt new policies concerning its ICE contracts. Visit Business Insider’s

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