We talked to the CEO of a $1.5 billion startup making ‘smart’ pills about how the tech could help patients whose insurers deem them ‘too risky’

Courtesy Proteus Digital HealthThe $1.5 billion startup Proteus Digital Health makes ‘smart’ pills, which use sensors embedded in the medication to track when patients take them. The sensor technology powers the $1,650-a-month drug Abilify MyCite, which was the first digital pill approved by the FDA in late 2017.But Proteus has also faced criticism about whether patients using the tech take their pills more consistently, as well as on ethical issues.During the CB Insights Future of Health conference on Wednesday, Proteus CEO Andrew Thompson rebutted many of these concerns. He pointed to a new study as evidence that the tech can help individuals deemed by their health insurers as “too risky” for expensive Hepatitis C medications.Click here for more BI Prime stories. The $1.5 billion startup

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